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New Products showcases some of our wallhangers and new product ideas.  Wallhangers are perfect to show pride in past achievements.  A wallhanger could be a larger reproduction of  a graduation certificate, a fraternal or sororal crossing, a golf plaque for dad or achievement for mom!  All of our works are completed using high quality woods, not cheap MDF (or particle board).  Also, high quality paints and stains are all we use to help keep our wallhangers color correct and long lasting! Cost: Prices vary according to project.  Call or email us for special quantity pricing!

I'm a Kappa Man! This is a brand new product for brothers who want to start their mankave off right! Large letter K (approx 22x22 inches) w/ Krimson front and Kream rear. 5 dancing candles in between to produce a beautiful, flickering glow when the lights are low to enhance any atmosphere!


Large Kappa Paddle. Let's go back, way back, back into time...when oversized paddles made a huge statement about you, your chapter or even your line.  Reclaim those feelings by obtaining this huge 6 foot tall Kappa totem (paddle). Completely customizable, you can add the Shield, Diamond, Founders, your line info, your DP or chapter info. You name it, you got it. With 6 feet of available space you can be as creative as you like.  

Large Crossing Plaque

Large Crossing Plaque


This large 24 in. x 38 in. crossing plaque is perfect for your Mankave! Display your chapter or crossing info proudly for all your sands or Nupes to see for eternity. As you can see from the reflection of the Yo in the image, this item is covered in thick epoxy for a glass-like shine that will last forever! 

Framed Crossing Plaque

Framed Crossing Plaque


The Framed Crossing Plaque is the perfect piece to start your collection.  It can be customized to include where you crossed, your line name, your position, the name of your line and/or the year of your crossing!

Kappa Scrapbooks
The Dreamer
Line Paddles
Kappa Knight on horse or standing - the choice is yours



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